The Graduate! Network, Inc. & Graduate! Philadelphia

The Graduate! Network, Inc. & Graduate! Philadelphia

To increase the number of adults completing college, by engaging business, higher education, government, organized labor, workforce and economic development, community building organizations, social service providers, and college graduates to align existing resources, remove barriers, and create new pathways for adults to complete a college degree.

Every American adult who aspires to earn a college degree has access to the resources and supports they need to start and complete a college degree:
• Every American is connected to an individual who knows how to go to and through college.
• Understanding the value of a degree and knowing how to succeed in college are ubiquitous within all communities, across socio economic groups.
• Adults have affordable college options at accredited institutions.
• The practice of investing in adults completing college is mainstream in talent, workforce, and economic development strategies.

The Graduate! Network, Inc. coordinates a co-learning network of regional collaborations focusing on adult college completion. Affiliates may have different governance structures and local partnerships, but we are united in our commitment to the Graduate! regional, multi-stakeholder approach to increasing college attainment for adults. Our affiliates engage the Comebackers—adult students, higher education, employers, community builders, economic development, workforce systems, organized labor, government, faith-based organizations, social service organizations, and any other organization or group that acts to remove barriers and promote college success for adults, resulting in degree completion.

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