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Vote on new Facebook Guidelines

I responded to Nancy Reeves: Very informative...I checked out the information and casting my vote.  As you mentioned Nancy,  I...

Nancy Reeves

It is interesting that the public comment period does not seem to have been announced.  I did receive notice of the vote...but too late to make substantive suggestions to the text being voted on. Even more interesting is... Continue reading

Vote on new Facebook Guidelines

I responded to Peter Comings: This was very informative.  I didn't see any notice about any votes.  Has the voting already...

Peter Comings

It will be really telling to see the number of people who care to vote and, for those who do care, how they break down by age, social media use, etc. That facebook has been vilified for making changes in the past with no... Continue reading

No Property Left Behind: New Ideas and Solutions for Detroit 2013?

I responded to Delphia Simmons: jobs, jobs,'s harder to keep a home when the job market is still not good.  Even though...

Delphia Simmons

What Loveland Technologies has done provides us with an invaluable tool.  It's the foundation of what needs to be done to reverse what got us here. While the economic climate plays some part in the number of tax-reverted... Continue reading

Girl's Health Summit- one step towards healthier living

I responded to Caitlin Proctor: This is a great find Caitlin! Do you think health opportunities are increasing or decreasing in...

Caitlin Proctor

I think that part of the problem with healthy living in the US is that our culture is based on immediate gratification. We expect a quick fix for every problem. We need food in a hurry - we go to a drive thru. We need to... Continue reading

Girl's Health Summit- one step towards...

Why is it so hard to get and stay healthy? How can we motivate and encourage more teens and adults to be healthier in America? Do you think we need to try harder or is it that our lifestyles don't support healthy living?

Ensuring Student Success

I responded to Egerton Clarke: I agree Egerton! My most valuable college experiences, that I remember, are when I was able to...

Egerton Clarke

Your points are right on, Judith. Given that many of our students come to college needing remedial work, I doubt that all students can reach their full potential. I have found that one way to promote success among them is... Continue reading

If we know Place Matters, then what can and should we do about it?

I responded to Dan Moulthrop: When we say education, I believe we need to break it down to the simplest terms.  Education means...

Dan Moulthrop

As we hit the home stretch of this online forum, I'd like to connect this conversation to the next speaker in the Place Matters speaker series--Ron Sims, former County Executive in King County, Washington, and former... Continue reading

What to do with old Juvenile Court House?

I responded to Janet Kidney: Hotel rooms are a good idea.  Maybe even renovating the entire place and making it into a office...

Janet Kidney

We need more hotel rooms, so why not a hotel with shops and a market?  There is no nice grocery market in the heart of the city.

Let's take a walk

I responded to Peter Comings: Great question. The only time I walk in the Cleveland area is to walk my dog.  I would walk more...

Peter Comings

"Just wanted to take a walk but now I can't stop wondering who besides me uses these #sidewalks. Who are they for#avonlake?" That was my tweet today. After finishing putting our newspapers together, I left for a walk in... Continue reading

Discussing The Cleveland Horseshoe Casino's Proposed Skywalk

I responded to Kyle Deans: Kyle you made several good points.  What city has a casino benefited from?  And what is the...

Kyle Deans

I never understood why the State of Ohio and the residents that voted on it were so thrilled with the idea of casinos coming to Ohio in the first place.  Casinos, except for in Nevada and I assume Atlantic City, DO NOT... Continue reading