Sarah Malcolm

International Partnerships Manager

Sarah Malcolm

International Partnerships Manager
Office of Global Education

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Ensuring Student Success

I responded to Brittany Cathey: I agree Brittany. We all have a responsiblity to be aware of the resources available to students...

Brittany Cathey

Faculty and staff can help increase student success by helping to enforce the resources that are available to them. The only time that it seems these options are discussed is during syllabus week. Though these are... Continue reading

Developing our People

I responded to Mandy Munro-Stasiuk: Everyone here makes some excellent pooints regarding faculty. I would also like to see more...

Mandy Munro-Stasiuk

Hi everyone.  I'm the chair of the "Developing and recognizing our people" sub-committee.  As part of the KSU community, we all appreciate effective professional development and like to be recognized for our work.  Whether... Continue reading

Engaging the World

I responded to Bei Cai: This type of program would go along way in opening the eyes of the average student who hasn't yet...

Bei  Cai

As we are having more international students at Kent, we should find ways to maximize the opportunities for  our American students and international students to learn from each other. For example, at the Stark Campus, we... Continue reading

Engaging the World

I responded to Jeffrey Wattles: I think Jeffrey and the others have provided some excellent examples of how expanding the world...

Jeffrey Wattles

One thing I do as a faculty member is to assign a project to my Comparative Religious Thought students that has the non-Muslims among them (over 99%) interview a Muslim.  We cooperate with representatives of the Muslim... Continue reading

Engaging the World

I responded to Mitch McKenney: Including a study abroad option in the roadmaps is one of the keys to increasing the...

Mitch McKenney

I was at a meeting with those who teach short-term study-abroad courses the other day at the Office of Global Education, and it came up that the student road maps don't seem to envision (much less encourage) study-abroad... Continue reading

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