Ronald Markowitz

Ronald Markowitz

Graduate Cleveland Heights High School 1959
Graduate Kent State University 1965
President of Ronald Markowitz Real Estate, Inc. for 28 years, a retail brokerage specialty firm.
Currently operates Ronald Markowitz Real Estate.
Was a committeee member of the Pepper Pike Financial Review Committee.

My Recent Activity

Renewal of the sin tax, expires 2015 &Pro Sports

I responded to Renewal of the sin tax, expires 2015 &Pro Sports: Great idea but unlikely. If the Michael White administration had any competence they would have...

Discussion with Director of Regional Collaboration Ed Jerse

I responded to Jill Miller Zimon: Jill/Ed:   I believe if we can establish "guidlines" for measuring the attained economic...

Jill Miller Zimon

Good morning and welcome to this live chat. Today we've got Cuyahoga County Director of Regional Collaboration, Ed Jerse, on the Civic Commons. We'll be here for an hour so feel free to let others know, read, post comments... Continue reading

The Civility Challenge

I responded to The Civility Challenge: I have a great deal of respect for this attempt at civility. However, I am most pesimistic about...

Akron Beacon Journal seeks citizen views

I responded to Christina Phelps: Christina, I really hate being so negative but there's not much with our Federal government that...

Christina Phelps

America has its shortcomings, but to summarize America as "misguided, ignorant, irresponsible, unethical, and immoral" is to ignore an incredible part of what makes this country an example to so many others. Why, exactly,... Continue reading

Akron Beacon Journal seeks citizen views

I responded to Michael Gray: Michael, I've never heard it said better. I believe the big question is how do we rid ourselves...

Michael Gray

  When I think of America today, I believe we are misguided, ignorant, irresponsible, unethical, and immoral. I believe our society is focused more on greed and ego which is what causes division. Our government loses... Continue reading

In order for regionalism or merger to have a...

I believe that in order for regionalism or merger to have a chance the communities have to get to know each other better. No one should get married before they date for a while. So I would propose that potential "partners"...