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Unleashing Digital Learning

I responded to OneCommunity: My son's school just gave all 7th graders iPads for their new program.  There have been some pros...


On June 6, 2013 President Obama announced a new initiative called ConnectED which would connect 99 percent of America’s students to the internet through high-speed broadband and wireless networks within the next 5 years. ... Continue reading

Name New State Agency

I responded to Jill Miller Zimon: I did rate them although I didn't truly like any of the ones they had chosen.  I created a new...

Jill Miller Zimon

A communication I received last week from NAMI (National Association of Mental Illness) informed me that the state of Ohio had opened up, for just a few days, the chance for residents to rank the names being considered for... Continue reading

Submissions are in. Voting continues until July 17th

The Civic Commons community will vote on the strongest entry and the prizes will be awarded. 

How much tax should oil and gas developers pay?

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Civ-Hop Civ-Pop Competition Vote

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What should Cuyahoga County casino revenue be used for?

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Ken Layden Entrepreneurship Program

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AMERICA TODAY SERIES - Topic: Housing Market

I responded to Daryl Rowland: I think we need to teach personal financial management at an early age.  Many times, eager agents...

Daryl Rowland

The collapse of the housing market has affected nearly everyone. What can we learn from some of these experiences and how do we move foreward?

Energy - Wherefore art thou?

I responded to Jill Miller Zimon: Jill, If I'm spending a lot of time and energy on a long project...especially something that is...

Jill Miller Zimon

It's 4:30pm on a Tuesday and my daughter just found me asleep in our car with C-SPAN's re-broadcast of today's US Supreme Court oral arguments about health care markets playing on the radio. When the honeymoon period of... Continue reading