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Peter Comings

Oberlin resident; managing editor of West Life, The Press, North Ridgeville Press with offices in Avon Lake. Reach me on twitter or G+.

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How low can we go?

I responded to How low can we go?: Oddball observation from me here, but I wonder if, statistically, we could consider elections in...

X marks the spot, but why?

I responded to X marks the spot, but why?: We choose where we live for countless reasons: low taxes, good schools, low housing costs, ease...

X marks the spot, but why?

What is community? Topical and geographic communities used to be one in the same. Perhaps for longer than we realize, that has been less and less the case. What do we invest of ourselves in where we physically reside and...

Conversation starters

At the end of interviews I like to ask people, "Is there anything you want to mention that we haven't talked about? Anything you want to make sure the readers understand?" As four months of being a fellow at the Civic...

Ethics in Political Journalism

I responded to Dan Moulthrop: If it's even possible anymore, maybe we have to hold to the hypothetical existence of...

Dan Moulthrop

I want to open up another thread here about actual and perceived bias in the media. This was a big issue that I have communicated about offline with both Dick Pace and Jonathan Murray (one of whom is already in the... Continue reading

Save The Plain Dealer: what does a daily newspaper mean to a community?

I responded to Jill Miller Zimon: I can't escape the irony of using an online public forum to discuss saving the print medium of a...

Jill Miller Zimon

Thanks for starting this conversation, Evelyn. I'm not sure there's any topic more worthy of a public gathering place, especially since solutions seem pretty elusive.

Do no harm? Or do nothing ...

I saw this posted by Michigan Public Radio to Facebook and am posting a link to the Detroit Free Press story. Excerpt: Health care providers could use a “moral objection” or “matter of conscience” standard to refuse...

Vote on new Facebook Guidelines

I responded to Nancy Reeves: It will be really telling to see the number of people who care to vote and, for those who do...

Nancy Reeves

Glad to see this conversation started here!  I downloaded the tracked changes and was waiting until after this weekend to think about it. One slight correction - if 30% of users vote, their vote is binding.  If fewer... Continue reading

Let's take a walk

I responded to Stephanie Wahome: Are there many people out walking their dogs?

Stephanie Wahome

Great question. The only time I walk in the Cleveland area is to walk my dog.  I would walk more often if there were a variety of shops nearby. I used to use the sidewalks to ride my bike, but there are so many cracks in... Continue reading

Let's take a walk

I responded to Deanna Bremer Fisher: It may not be that unusual. I don't want it to be that unusual anyway. But I thought I'd better...

Deanna Bremer Fisher

In Cleveland Heights, where I live, we have lots of sidewalks. We use them not just to walk, but to walk to places. And we have lots of places to walk to. From my house, I can walk to the grocery store, several... Continue reading