Paul Teruel

Director Of Community Partnerships

Paul Teruel

I am the Director of Community Partnerships at CCAP, Columbia College Chicago. I facilitate campus and community partnerships between Columbia College departments, Chicago's Community Based Organizations and Public Schools. These partnerships take form in Service-Learning courses, community based programs, and after school based programs. You can learn more about CCAP at

My Recent Activity

Aligning Resources with Goals

I responded to Aligning Resources with Goals: A good example of how an experiential course can allign resources and goals for the mutual...

Community Engagement

I responded to Community Engagement: Columbia College's history is steeped in experiential learning and community partnerships. I...

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

I responded to Mahalia Jackson Elementary: Mahalia Jacksn Elementary, thank you for your question. Our work is rooted in inclusion, with...

Mahalia Jackson Elementary

How does the college engage all the students that are reached through CCAP and are there financial aide opportunities for these students to attend Columiba College?

Optimizing Enrollment

I responded to Optimizing Enrollment: Experietial learning opportunies, student orgs, community-based project are ways to grow the size...

Community Engagement

I responded to Precious Davis: Precious, i agree that we should have deep partnerships with community based organizations that...

Precious Davis

What would it look like for us to partner with Chicago instituions and organizations that are change agents here in our city? Change agents that are the authors of the fabric of  social change in our city. We must... Continue reading

Community Engagement

I responded to Community Engagement: I am heartened by the fact that Community Engagement is one of the focal points in our Strategic...

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