Nancy Reeves

Nancy Reeves

I was transplanted from a small town in Nebraska in 1974. Since then I've graduated from three local post-secondary schools, lived in four local communities (in three counties), worked in three more (in three counties), taught high school (Shaw High School - East Cleveland), and parented a daughter through pretty much the polar opposite school system (Manchester).

I'm a mom, spouse, chief medical researcher and manager for far too many complex family medical matters, and a Quaker.

To make ends meet I've been paid as a teacher (at multiple levels, in multiple subjects, and for multiple institutions), a seamstress, a reporter for the Suburbanite (the public meeting beat for township and school board meetings), an enrolled agent, and an attorney. For non-monetary compensation - but sometimes a lot more real compensation - I am a photographer and digital retouch artist for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and the local music booster's club, member of the local bike patrol, and caregiver for 0-3 year olds for a week once a year. Just for fun (or perhaps to find a place phones can't follow me), I occasionally go diving.

...and I'll be transparent about more of who I am as it becomes relevant to conversations I'm engaged in.

My Recent Activity

How do we build a beloved community?

I responded to Andrew Samtoy: This doesn't really answer your question, but an important aspect of the conversation seemed to...

Andrew Samtoy

The first session of the Cleveland Salon dealt with diversity in all it's forms, including what people thought diversity was, how diversity affected their daily lives, whether they thought that our community could support... Continue reading

Incivility matters, so let's fix it

I responded to Randall Frye: You are asking good questions.  I have spent a fair amount of time talking about these questions,...

Randall Frye

I fear that the concern for incivility will over shadow the issue and take focus. Much of this is common sense that our parents tried to teach. Are we to program our computers to discuss the issues so that human emotion... Continue reading

Let's Talk about Talking 'bout

I responded to Nancy Reeves: When I joined the Civic Commons a little over a year ago, it seemed to me that the Civic Commons...

Nancy Reeves

After more distraction than I bargained for (and obviously more than a couple of days), I’m back to asking and answering my own questions.  Who knows - perhaps the break (and a busier forum than when I started this series)... Continue reading

Detroit Avenue Bike Lanes

I responded to Angie Schmitt: Angie, That was pretty much the point of my 3rd paragraph.  I don't think the statistics are as...

Angie Schmitt

Not to discount what you guys are saying, but it's not just about you, or me or even us, the people who currently bike. Street infrastructure makes people who aren't currently comfortable biking in the streets feel more... Continue reading

Detroit Avenue Bike Lanes

I responded to Gina Prodan: Gina, I agree with you with many of your concerns. Personally, I feel safer sharing the road...

Gina Prodan

I'm less concerned with bike lanes than enforcement of bike laws. A crosstown cyclist who rides every day, all year, I feel safer riding on the streets, with traffic, than in bike lanes that seem invisible to some drivers,... Continue reading

Where have all the leaders gone?

I responded to William Tarter, Jr.: From a personal perspective, I'm not sure the rules need to be changed, so much as the public...

William Tarter, Jr.

“Civility Land” I like that. J For civility sake, we will call the practice “Retire/Rehire.” Nancy, you mentioned something very interesting, and goes to the heart of the question that Earl was asking when he said "at... Continue reading

Where have all the leaders gone?

I responded to William Tarter, Jr.: Let's take a little side trip into civility land. Labeling the practice "double dipping" biases...

William Tarter, Jr.

Absolutely I see that Earl.   Look at the practice of Double Dipping.  There are 32,000 individuals statewide who have retired and been rehired.  This amounts to $1 billion in costs to the state taxpayers (Plain Dealer,... Continue reading

Screening and Panel Discussion: Peace, Education, and Justice

I responded to Screening and Panel Discussion: Peace, Education, and Justice: Friday, September 21, 2012 - 6:15pm - 9:00pm A joint event in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia ...

Screening and Panel Discussion: Peace,...

Screening and panel discussion on the documentary: “The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman” and two short videos produced by students in AFSC’s Pittsburgh program and by students in Philadelphia’s Art Factory...

Where have all the leaders gone?

I responded to Andrew Samtoy: You still have 138 characters to go :)

Andrew Samtoy