Jan Chindlund

Library Dean

Jan Chindlund

Joined Columbia in fall 2007. Enjoy the entrepreneurial opportunities here for moving ideas to action. Looking forward to positive changes. The Library is making efforts to be a place where "intellectual collisions" can and do occur.

My Recent Activity

Aligning Resources with Goals

I responded to Columbia College Chicago: Erin, yes, we do need to recognize and celebrate Columbia's 125 year history of curricular...

Columbia College Chicago

What were you hoping to see in the plan that is not there?

Aligning Resources with Goals

I responded to Ron Elling: Agreeing with Ron's comments in his attached document. We need to learn what to measure, how to...

Ron Elling

******This comment applies to the Strategic Plan in its entirety with emphasis on the Aligning Resources goal ****** I've attached to this post a document titled "goal_7_information_driven_decision_making.docx" The... Continue reading

Optimizing Enrollment

I responded to Keri Walters: Yes, Cynthia, there is great potential in transfer students. Keri Walters has spearheaded our...

Keri Walters

Hi everyone, On behalf of the Strategic Planning Committee, I will be serving as your moderator for this discussion on Optimizing Enrollment. What excites you the most about this portion of the plan?

Community Engagement

I responded to Columbia College Chicago: re: "Conduct a comprehensive survey of both existing practices and faculty/staff connections with...

Columbia College Chicago

What do you see in the plan that excites you? 

Aligning Resources with Goals

I responded to Pegeen Quinn: Emory, good points. One way Alum can connect with each other is through the "Alumni on 5"...

Pegeen Quinn

I received the following information via email: My name is Emory Brown and I am the Chairman of the Marketing & Media Committee for CAAN Chicago. We as a group would like to submit a proposal we have to create an... Continue reading

21st Century Curriculum

I responded to Ames Hawkins: I agree with Ames and Erin that our community has so much experience and expertise to share with...

Ames  Hawkins

As someone who has taught collaboratively, across disciplines, focusing on community engagement for the past 10 years, there is a great deal here that excites me. The idea that we need a thorough survey to obtain the info... Continue reading

21st Century Curriculum

I responded to Erin McCarthy: The "in-between" Erin refers to is where the strength of our community comes in. I do think we...

Erin  McCarthy

Embeds deep linkages to the city of Chicago across the curriculum. The college will devise curricular offerings that require students to engage with the city of Chicago as a visual, architectural, physical, historical,... Continue reading

Optimizing Enrollment

I responded to Optimizing Enrollment: Prospective students, their parents, and other influencers are interested in the reputation of a...

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

I responded to Kate Schaefer: We'd love for that lab space (interdisciplinary hub, maker lab, makerspace, whatever it may be...

Kate Schaefer

I would like to see a lab space where students can work independently and collaboratively without feeling like there will be repercussions on their grade....a space to freely explore, fail, and continue testing new methods... Continue reading

21st Century Curriculum

I responded to Sandra Kumorowski: And I want to add that the students in Creativity and Marketing did thorough and insightful work...

Sandra Kumorowski

I wanted to post one of the last comments to our forum. This past semester my Creativity in Marketing class collaborated with our Columbia Library led by Jan Chindlund. We were given a tour and visited the beautiful Blum... Continue reading