Grace Gallucci

Executive Director

Grace Gallucci

Executive Director of Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency

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Building Multimodal Transportation

I responded to Building Multimodal Transportation : "Building a multi modal transportation system" is about giving people choices for the way they...

Preserving Existing Infrastructure

I responded to Preserving Existing Infrastructure: Lots of great comments. We definitely have challenges surrounding transportation issues,...

Strengthening Regional Cohesion

I responded to Strengthening Regional Cohesion: A good resource for this conversation is a book titled, Reflections on Regionalism, which is...

Strengthening Regional Cohesion

I responded to Bike Cleveland: Yes, the concept of "we" is critical. Regional cohesion can only exist when there is a mutual...

Bike Cleveland

Jacob VanSickle here, executive director of Bike Cleveland. For Northeast Ohio to become a cohesive region we need to collectively become more competitive. To be more competitive we need to change the mindset in our... Continue reading

Strengthening Regional Cohesion

I responded to Lev Gonick: Great insight on reframing the way we think about infrastructure as we plan the future of our...

Lev Gonick

In every major historical era from the 'discovery' of the Ohio Valley to the present day, we have leveraged our geography and infrastructure. The Vibrant NEO 2040 survey outlines many exciting and aspirational outcomes... Continue reading

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