Eve Sandberg

Eve Sandberg

Chair, Politics Department Oberlin College
President, Strategic Research Inc (http://www.StrategicResearchInc.com)
President, Oberlin Research Group, analysts are carefully vetted Oberlin College students conducting research of interest to members of the community or for a community client.

My Recent Activity

Building Multimodal Transportation

I responded to Akshai Singh: Oberlin has a auto/truck garage that converts motors from diesle and gas turcks buses and cars to...

Akshai Singh

If we're serious, we must understand that climate change is both real and present, and also that transportation is the 2nd highest emitting sector of greenhouse gases, as well as being the fastest growing sector for GHG... Continue reading

Preserving Existing Infrastructure

I responded to Angie Schmitt: I think we have to think of infrastructure funding in the long term. We cannot in the short term...

Angie Schmitt

Great question. My answer would be, for the love of God fix the streets, especially in poorer urban areas. We waste too much money widening roads in sprawling areas that provides relatively little economic return. That... Continue reading

Preserving Existing Infrastructure

I responded to Jeffrey Sleasman: But I think the money is tight for local communities to find the matching funds that are usually...

Jeffrey Sleasman

There's clearly plenty of money—we keep throwing tens of millions of dollars at projects to widen highways and hundreds of millions to build new expressways like the Opportunity Corridor, as folks have mentioned. Instead,... Continue reading

Building Multimodal Transportation

I responded to Bill Davis: A mulitimodal transportation system should also include ways of intersecting various forms of...

Bill Davis

Good Morning.  Bill here to moderate and prompt discussion.  A question for our panelists and other participants - what does a multimodal transportation system mean to you?  David Beach and Rev. Allen V. Harris have... Continue reading

City of Oberlin 2025

I responded to Eric Norenberg: Many people have asked for a dog park for a while now. (I don't have a dog but believe it should...

Eric Norenberg

5. To what extent are all of the things we want for our City possible?

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