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Charting the future of fracking

I responded to Tonya Higgins: Tonya Higgins, we at Frackfree Mahoning Valley would like to re-post - with your permission -...

Tonya Higgins

Good afternoon everyone. I would first like to thank the North Canton Patch/Civic Commons for hosting this forum. This is an example of great journalism - a phenomenon in today's age in my opinion.  Many great points... Continue reading

What the frack is fracking!?

I responded to Caitlin Johnson: An opportunity to learn more a few days from now: Y.O.U.N.G. Youngstown Ohio Utica Gas Industry...

Caitlin Johnson

Have you ever heard of hydraulic fracturing or “fracking?” If you haven’t, you will soon. Fracking is a process of drilling thousands of feet into the earth and creating small explosions to “fracture” hard shale rocks,... Continue reading

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