Civic Commons ideastream

Civic Commons ideastream

The Civic Commons ideastream is a civic engagement utility and consultancy serving community leaders, institutions and the growing desire of citizens to be engaged and empowered on key civic decisions. The Civic Commons is an online environment combining the best and most effective aspects of social networking and social media for the purpose of informed, productive and civil civic discourse and action.

People affiliated with this organization

Mike Shafarenko
Dan Moulthrop
Taryn Gress
Emily Cole
Robin Byers
Jill Miller Zimon
Noelle Celeste
Jason Russell
Daryl Rowland

Our Recent Activity

State of the State '14

Following the State of the State address, we will be holding an online forum with reporters and political figures all day Tuesday, February 25, to discuss the topics outlined in Government Kasich's address. Joining us will...

National Forum on Local Government Collaboration

As part of the EfficientGovNetwork's efforts to determine its future roles, goals and organizational model, we are holding this online forum with experts representing government collaboration initiatives and organizations,...

FRONTLINE: Generation Like

It's never easy to be a teenager—and now giant marketing companies are turning this search for identity into advertising gold. Do teens think they’re being used? Do they care?
Tune into the FRONTLINE special Generation...

Arts & Culture Assessment For Summit County

The Arts and Culture Assessment for Summit County (“ACASC”) was conducted from February - September 2013. It was conducted by The Osgood Group, with consultancy team members Patricia Cirillo, PhD, Cypress Research Group...

Arab-American Stories Online Forum

This online forum is a continuation of the panel discussion about Cleveland Arab-Americans and their stories held at the Cleveland Public Library on October 9, 2013. In this forum, we are looking to hear from more people -...

Be Well: Rightsize Me – Uncle Sam at Dinner

What can/should government do in the fight against obesity? In this conversation, we are joined by Terry Allan, Commissioner of the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, to discuss his efforts to improve the quality of school...

Be Well: Rightsize Me – Talk to the Docs

Magic pills, exercise fads, corrective surgery. In this conversation, you can interact with and ask questions of Northeast Ohio’s doctors who specialize in the causes and complications of and treatments for obesity.

Be Well: Rightsize Me – Losing It

Millions of Americans are trying to lose weight. In this conversation, we want you to share your experiences, successes or failures with weight loss. And, we’ll be joined by Randy Carty from the show to share his...