Carey McDougall

Associate Professr of Art

Carey McDougall

Associate Professor of Art, Kent State University at Stark
Co-Chair, Academic Affairs Strategic Planning Committee

I am really interested in the ideas our community has as those are the ideas we can most easily move forward with. I'm looking forward to hearing from across the university and getting a better sense of our community.

My Recent Activity

Increasing Faculty Participation in Service

I responded to Increasing Faculty Participation in Service: I agree with Leslie in terms of increasing technology to save RC faculty driving time. Often when...

Feedback on Academic Affairs Draft Strategic Plan

I responded to Andrew Budny: Thanks for your supportive thoughts Andrew.

Andrew Budny

After reading the first draft of these reccomendations, I feel that the ideas being proposed are well suited to help us down the road not only to acheive student suceess but to make our community better as a whole. ... Continue reading

Developing our People

I responded to Katherine Burke: Katherine, thanks for posting this question. I am wondering if it might be worth backing it up...

Katherine Burke

I'm also an adjunct faculty member; I teach in the School of Theatre and Dance. I have done my utmost to teach in a problem-posing, Freirian way, which consumes a lot of time and energy for me. I have another job at the... Continue reading

Enhancing Academic Excellence

I responded to Barbara Hipsman Springer: I wouldl like to see a major shift in how we use SSI numbers to help us improve our teaching....

Barbara  Hipsman Springer

Perhaps we can start another thread of discussion - Risk Taking. How can the university support faculty willing to "jump into the black hole" - to try a very different way of teaching? Perhaps that's through the words... Continue reading

Securing Our Financial Future

I responded to Kent State University: In regards to "what areas do you think should be priorities in achieving greater efficiencies?"...

Kent State University

How should Academic Affairs address funding issues resulting from the State of Ohio’s decision to end State Share of Instruction (SSI) on remedial courses? From the perspective of your school/department, in what areas do... Continue reading

Developing our People

I responded to Roger Davis: Roger, that's an interesting goal. Perhaps because so many faculty are trained for intensive...

Roger Davis

I have a sign in my office that reads: "A pat on the back is only a few vertebrae removed from a kick in the pants, but is miles ahead in results." My extensive research on motivation shows that employees appreciate, and... Continue reading

Developing our People

I responded to Victoria Migge: Hi Victoria, At Stark we have a faculty who serves part-time as a faculty professional...

Victoria Migge

I see teaching workshops & seminars offered at the Kent campus but not at the regionals This would be quite helpful and I beleive many faculty would take advantage.

Developing our People

I responded to Joel Hughes: At Stark and maybe at other campuses, we have these giant olympic-like medallions for our...

Joel Hughes

This is pretty hokey, but apparently Gordon Gee at OSU used to give out pins for accomplishments (to pin to your jacket or something). Eventually it got important to have one to show you weren't a slacker. Again, very... Continue reading

Developing our People

I responded to Laurie Donley: At Stark they give us pins for every 5 years we serve, faculty and staff. It would be interesting...

Laurie Donley

One thing I have noticed is that staff receive certificates of recognition for years of service, but I don't think the faculty receive this. Seems like a simple thing to do that may be appreciated.

Developing our People

I responded to Barbara Hipsman Springer: I agree Barbara. Small things go a long way. The other month my artwork was featured on the...

Barbara  Hipsman Springer

Many of us would agree that staff provide the day-to-day backbone of the university. When they help a student with a question, it is out of genuine concern. I watch in awe as the custodial staff engage with students in our... Continue reading