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Charting the future of fracking

I responded to Sam Bell: While you may have exactly the right point on timing, I wonder if the issue is as much about a...

Sam Bell

Perhaps the biggest question should be this: What’s the rush? If this gas is such a valuable resource, won’t its value increase over time?  (When, with more accumulated experience, we might do a little better job of... Continue reading

Charting the future of fracking

I responded to Mike Foley: Mike, I appreciate your comment greatly. We have suggested using at least a portion of the...

Mike Foley

One of the concepts that other states have in terms of structuring their severance tax systems is to create a local impact fund out of a portion of the revenues created from the tax.  Basically, a portion of the tax... Continue reading

Charting the future of fracking

I responded to Dan Moulthrop: I sure hope "local control" is about a lot more than that.  To my mind, local/central control...

Dan Moulthrop

I'd like to pull out this idea of local control for a bit more examination. Karl, Stefanie and Kari all mentioned it, but I'm not sure all of us understand what is meant by the term "local control." Thee  articles that... Continue reading

Charting the future of fracking

I responded to Charting the future of fracking: It seems that we may have hit upon our first point of agreement:  that the broader community (not...

What Should We Expect from County Council?

I responded to Jim Dixon: Jim, Thanks for putting this out there and thanks to the Citizens League. As a person working...

Jim Dixon

Thanks all for the input, and thanks to Jill for echoing this discussion in the blog entry. There is one over-riding practical reason why we'd like to have this conversation--The Citizens League will spend the next few... Continue reading

Akron Beacon Journal seeks citizen views

I responded to Daryl Rowland: One of the most powerful attributes of the United States is the resiliency of the is...

Daryl Rowland

When you think of America today, what thoughts and emotions come to mind? What divides us? What unites us? Continue reading

Connecting Communities Planning Grant

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Flats Forward: What's there for you now?

I responded to Jason Russell: I know that this is a narrow interest, but the Cuyahoga is one of the greatest sculling (aka...

Jason Russell

What's there for you now? What do you relate to in the present tense? The Flats neighborhood envokes fond memories in the minds of many and the Flats still has much to offer. Let us reflect as a community on some of... Continue reading

Flats Forward: What are the biggest infrastructure needs you see?

I responded to Jason Russell: I'm not sure this qualifies as infrastructure specfiically, but now that land exists at RiverGate...

Jason Russell

What are the biggest infrastructure needs you see? Infrastructure is crucial to a successful business. It is no secret the Flats community has infrastructure challenges. Obviously there are some glaring examples, but... Continue reading

Flats Forward: Pie in the Sky

I responded to Ken Kalynchuk: That's a cool idea!

Ken Kalynchuk

Something I've always 'fantasized' of, as it were, would be two gigantic statues at the mouth of the Cuyahoga. A mix of the Guardians of Transportation and Argonath statues from Lord of the Rings that welcome people into... Continue reading