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Marketing specialist. Freelance writer. Recovering full-time journalist. Husband, father, Pittsburgh-booster.

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Gun policy in the USA

I responded to Gun policy in the USA: Someone sent me this today: It would be pretty nice if mental health services were as easily...

Prayers for Connecticut

Thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by this horrific tragedy in Connecticut.

how do you support local businesses?

I responded to how do you support local businesses? : Vanilla Pastry Studio.  Pittsburgh, PA.  I will be blogging about them next week.   ...

Race Relations in Pittsburgh

I responded to aimee miller: Keep on pushing, Aimee!

aimee miller

My husband and I want our children to grow up in a “real” world of diversity and equality.  Unfortunately, we often find ourselves working hard to explain/change a very different reality.  Continue reading

Race Relations in Pittsburgh

What is your view of race relations in Pittsburgh? If you live somewhere else share your input about that region.

East End Brewing Co.

I responded to East End Brewing Co.: Snowmelt is definitely my No. 2 behind Big Hop.  The new digs are fabulous!

East End Brewing Co.

What's your favorite flavor at East End Brewing Company? I would have to go with Big Hop. Discuss.