Andrew Samtoy

Host/Producer, Online and Community Engagement

Andrew Samtoy

I joined the Civic Commons in October, 2013 after a short career as an attorney and a long time in community organizing and engagement. I spend every minute of every day thinking about how I can get people to interact with each other - and now, at the Civic Commons, it's what I'm supposed to be doing!

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Alternative Therapies for Veterans

I responded to Lisa Dellafiora: Great information - thanks!

Lisa Dellafiora

The National Alliance on Mental Illness Greater Cleveland (NAMI GC) is offering a new program called Homefront which is designed to help family members understand and support their loved ones while maintaining their own... Continue reading

Alternative Therapies for Veterans

I responded to Paul Custer: Thanks for your comment!

Paul Custer

there is no 1 size fits all fix. every vet is different his experiences and difficulties and the different ways to deal with it it. i drive 2.5 hours to go to wags for warriors that seems to work for me they are very... Continue reading

Election Wrap Up

I responded to Cliff Skalba: Thanks for your comment!

Cliff Skalba

Can`t find the results from Issue,1,2,or 3,at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections web site.. Cuyahoga County,the only place using paper ballots.. Should be interesting...

Election Wrap Up

I responded to Satinder P S Puri: Thanks for your comment!

Satinder P S Puri

Note: The comments listed below supplement what I said in the SOI radio program: VOTE NO ON SIN TAX CAMPAIGN: For over 4-months I actively opposed the Sin Tax with demonstrations all over Cuyahoga County. In all,... Continue reading

Stopping the "Stop Outs"

We often talk about high school drop outs, but what about those who quit college before getting their degree? These students are often referred to as "stop outs", and some universities are beginning to use data mining...

Election Wrap Up

All eyes may be on the 2016 election, but plenty of local and state issues were on yesterday's off year ballot. From the closely watched Issues 2 and 3, to the results of area mayoral race, we'll discuss the outcomes from...

Alternative Therapies for Veterans

We will discuss creative therapies that are helping veterans manage ailments such as PTSD and chronic pain. Bob Rich, author and Board Chair of the Cleveland Clinic will speak about his new book and his passion for a fly...

Funding Local Startups

On Tuesday, Cuyahoga County Executive, Armond Budish, announced a new plan for a public-private partnership that could help spur the area's start up growth. In the proposal, the county will loan more than four million...

Top 10 Medical Innovations

Health care innovators from around the world are gathering this week at the Cleveland Clinic to discuss the latest in neuroscience. The summit concludes with the Clinic's annual list of top 10 innovations in medical care....

Is the GED still relevant?

Do we live in a society where the GED is still necessary? This show will look at the case for and against the GED. Historically it was designed for GIs to apply to college after they had to leave high school due to the...