Andrew Samtoy

Host/Producer, Online and Community Engagement

Andrew Samtoy

I joined the Civic Commons in October, 2013 after a short career as an attorney and a long time in community organizing and engagement. I spend every minute of every day thinking about how I can get people to interact with each other - and now, at the Civic Commons, it's what I'm supposed to be doing!

My Recent Activity

Peace in the Middle East?

On today's encore broadcast of Sound of Ideas, guests discussed Netanyahu's speech to the United States Congress in March, as well as the prospects for peace in the middle east.  

The Choices of a Lifetime

Today's Sound of Ideas was an encore presentation of one from earlier in the year on career choices and education.  The panel discussed how to pick majors and careers and discussed changing trends in the workplace - like...

Former Fosters

On today's Sound of Ideas, there was a deep discussion on former foster children.  At its core, the discussion focused on homelessness and how we can improve the chances of former foster children to avoid becoming...

Cleveland's School Transformation

When the Cleveland School Levy was passed just a few years ago, supporters emphasized results – and said that if Cleveland didn't see results, voters shouldn't renew the levy.

In 2014, the Cleveland Metropolitan...

The Gloom and Glory of Rain

June was wet here in Northeast Ohio.  Very wet.  One of the wettest months on record.  On Tuesday, the Sound of Ideas will be discussing the plusses and minuses of the excessive amount of rain we received.  

Tiny Houses

On Thursday's Sound of Ideas, Mike and his guests will be discussing the Tiny House Movement.  It consists of people who, instead of buying big houses, settle in to houses of a couple hundred feet - or even less.  

Do HBCUs have a role in Northeast Ohio?

Many HBCUs – including Wilberforce and Central State here in Ohio - have struggled recently as endowments and enrollment shrink, retention falls, and budgets face challenges.  As the face of education changes, we're...

About our Supreme Court...

Among other things, this year the United States Supreme Court rejected a challenge to the Obamacare subsidies, upheld a tool to combat housing discrimination, allowed Texas to keep the Confederate flag off of its license...

Spending Ohio's Money

I responded to John Corlett: Thanks for your post, John!

John Corlett

I would be less focused on creating tax breaks for special interests and more focused on investing in Ohio's human capital, particularly early care and education, and other investments in education, and health care that... Continue reading

Spending Ohio's Money

I responded to Advocates for Ohio's Future: Thanks for your post/link!  

Advocates for Ohio's Future

As Ohio continues to come back from difficult economic times, AOF believes that the state should take this budget opportunity to reinvest in health and human services programs that keep Ohioans safe and healthy and allow... Continue reading