Andrew Samtoy

Host/Producer, Online and Community Engagement

Andrew Samtoy

I joined the Civic Commons in October, 2013 after a short career as an attorney and a long time in community organizing and engagement. I spend every minute of every day thinking about how I can get people to interact with each other - and now, at the Civic Commons, it's what I'm supposed to be doing!

My Recent Activity

Tiny Houses

On Thursday's Sound of Ideas, Mike and his guests will be discussing the Tiny House Movement.  It consists of people who, instead of buying big houses, settle in to houses of a couple hundred feet - or even less.  

Do HBCUs have a role in Northeast Ohio?

Many HBCUs – including Wilberforce and Central State here in Ohio - have struggled recently as endowments and enrollment shrink, retention falls, and budgets face challenges.  As the face of education changes, we're...

About our Supreme Court...

Among other things, this year the United States Supreme Court rejected a challenge to the Obamacare subsidies, upheld a tool to combat housing discrimination, allowed Texas to keep the Confederate flag off of its license...

Spending Ohio's Money

I responded to John Corlett: Thanks for your post, John!

John Corlett

I would be less focused on creating tax breaks for special interests and more focused on investing in Ohio's human capital, particularly early care and education, and other investments in education, and health care that... Continue reading

Spending Ohio's Money

I responded to Advocates for Ohio's Future: Thanks for your post/link!  

Advocates for Ohio's Future

As Ohio continues to come back from difficult economic times, AOF believes that the state should take this budget opportunity to reinvest in health and human services programs that keep Ohioans safe and healthy and allow... Continue reading

Concussion Conundrum

I responded to Lynne Melcombe: Thank you both for your posts!  

Lynne Melcombe

The role of sports in health is too important to tell people to stop playing. However, in the last 50 years, as sports has become an entertainment indusrty unto itself, professional sports have gotten harder and faster,... Continue reading

Spending Ohio's Money

Every two years, Ohio's politicians wrangle over the budget.  This year is no different, with the Governor, the House and the Senate all proposing their own versions – and needing to reconcile them into a single document...

Concussion Conundrum

Concussions are a problem in sports like football, soccer and boxing, where head injuries are frequent.  More and more scientists, parents and educators are calling for an end to sports where concussions are common.  

What is race?

I responded to Peter Lawson Jones: Peter - Below, John says that she was "deceptive about her origin and...about so much more."...

Peter Lawson Jones

First, I have heard it argued - and rather persuasively - that race is an artificial, man-made construct which serves to do little other than to further tribalize the entire human race. Think about it.  Race would be... Continue reading

What is race?

I responded to mark pichler: Mark -  Much has been written about how she couldn't fully understand what it's like to be...

mark pichler

Rachel Dolezal Can determine her race if that is what she wants. I think it was more something to identify with or she may have wanted to see what it is being passed off as black.  Whatever power that comes with it!... Continue reading