Adaora Schmiedl

Marketing/Development Director

Adaora Schmiedl

Passionate about equitable access - in education, literacy and jobs.

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I responded to Jack Storey: Such good points - I think job insecurity drives a lot of what is perceived to be unwelcoming...

Jack Storey

This topic is always so touchy, and for good reason: it's really the primary driver of generational disconnnection. Neither party is - per say - more wrong or right than the other, but it's hard not to place the blame on... Continue reading


I responded to Bridget Gibbons: I believe what we talking about is a more wholistic approach to jobs - in working with folks with...

Bridget Gibbons

What I'd love to see is a return to the good old-fashioned employment agency.  Temp agencies have completely supplanted them, and all they do is match opening X with employee Y... there's really no thought of helping you... Continue reading

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