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Aamir Farooq

We make websites, e-commerce stores, or any specific web properties which makes money for our clients.
Who we are…
One business consultant and growth specialist responsible to add millions in client’s top lines. Team of 1 designer, few developers and technocrats helped over 130 businesses and entrepreneurs.
A perfect Team for anyone who wish to scale and wants aggressive backup.
What we do…
Simple – We prepare plinth, the foundation. We maintain it so business can scale. We make all that online stuffs, the website, the online store, the business directories, everything an entrepreneur needs to get started online.
We do maintain the technology for our clients, so clients can just focus which is more important, i.e. Sales.
How we do it…
Great question! We eat food, think good and advice good to the client. We stay honest and expect client to be honest with us, as well.
We keep ourselves updated, small-ice-breaking trainings and refreshments.
Chating with clients, understanding their business philosophies makes us
more stronger.

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