Richland, Ashland and Wayne

Richland County, located midway between Cleveland and Columbus, has a population of 124,490 (2009) and its county seat is Mansfield. Richland County is in the Appalachian foothills with hills that sometimes top 1,400 feet, earning southern Richland County the moniker, “Ohio’s rooftop.” Named for the quality of its soil, it isn’t surprising that Johnny Appleseed spent many years in the county planting trees.

Ashland County has a population of 55,044 (2009) and a significant number of Old Order Amish. Named for "Ashland", the home of Senator Henry Clay near Lexington, Kentucky, its county seat is also named Ashland. As you head into the county on 71, don’t miss the sign welcoming you and proclaiming Ashland “the world headquarters of nice people.”

Wayne County, has a population of 114,222 (2009). It is home to the J.M. Smucker company, which was founded there. Other companies claiming Wayne as a birthplace include Rubbermaid, Technigraphics and ABS Materials. Founded in 1796, Wayne was named for "Mad" Anthony Wayne, a war colleague of George Washington. Wayne and the surrounding counties are home to the world's largest Amish population. Its county seat, Wooster, has been named Ohio’s Best Hometown, and is also home to the College of Wooster. Wayne supports a strong agricultural community demonstrated in part by the dairy farms and roadside produce stands that thrive there.

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