Show #45: Still Seeking Civility

Back in show #2 we decided that "civility" is an action word, and now, a year later, we take our act to Akron to see some more of it in action. Join Dan and Noelle as they learn about the stellar efforts of Akronites to make their community more civil, more inclusive and more affirming. There are positive vibes bouncing throughout the Rubber City, and not all of it is emanating from the nationally celebrated rock music of Akron's own The Black Keys. But they are helping.

Guests: Pastor Mark Ford of the Love Akron Network, Dr. Diana Swoope, Senior Pastor of the Arlington Church of God, Doug Oplinger of the Akron Beacon Journal, Citizen Journalists Diana Miller, Jennifer Kay Jeter and Kevin Lockett, and Chris Miller of the Akron Digital Media Center.


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Aired on January 24, 2012

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