Recycle that trashy attitude

Trash talk isn't just for sports--it's for everybody who ever uses anything anywhere. Because there is no "away" when it comes to garbage, it always has to go somewhere, and how we deal with it is a measure of our commitment to our natural world and each other. So grab your bottles and cans, throw the coffee grounds on the compost heap and join Dan and Noelle as they talk all things trash with bureaucrats, students and an eco-conscious auto mechanic who doesn't like driving cars.

Guests: Jenita McGowan, Cleveland's Chief of Sustainability; Ivan Henderson of Cleveland Public Power; Ron Owens, Commissioner, City of Cleveland's Department of Public Service; Sam Bell, owner, The Lusty Wrench and John Carroll University students Caitlyn Falasco and Chris Razek. .

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Aired on February 07, 2012

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