And so with Trust so shall ye reap Collaboration

Sometimes you want to get up in the grill of certain politicians and shout, "Get over it! Collaborate or get the hell out of the way!" But then you realize that angrily shouting in an elected official's face might just land you on a watch list somewhere. So don't indulge, just take the biblical view of in you reap what you sow. Elected officials who decide to trust and build relationships with fellow pols will increase their support with smart-minded voters like Civic Commons Radio listeners. And will be rewarded both here and the hereafter, or at least possibly reelected for another term or two.

Join Dan, Noelle and Luke as they drill down into the issues of government collaboration by discussing a recent City Club Forum on the wisdom and process of collaboration that included Randy Cole, President of the State Controlling Board, Kathy Mulcahy, Mayor of Orange Village, and Tony Paglia of the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber (entire forum here LocalGov2.0 by The Civic Commons)

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Aired on February 14, 2012

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