Akron Beacon Journal partners with Civic Commons on issue of Income

May 20, 2012

The Akron Beacon Journal (Ohio.com) partners with the Civic Commons for an experiment in interactive journalism.  This particular installment of the America Today series is on the topic of how the new economy has affected income.


America Today project seeks citizen involvement - News - Ohio

Civic Commons Partners with St. Edward School for Entrepreneurship Competition

April 26, 2012

The Civic Commons is partnering with St. Edward High School's Ken Layden Entrepreneurship Program to help share proposals and allow the community to vote on competition winners.


The Civic Commons Shows Impact in Northeast Ohio - Knight Foundation Newsletter

March 12, 2012

Knight funds The Civic Commons to build on existing citizen engagement efforts to provide new ways for citizens to learn about local issues. Here, Dan Moulthrop from The Civic Commons, writes about its impact.



Knight funds The Civic Commons to build on existing citizen engagement efforts to provide new ways for citizens to learn about local issues. Here, Dan Moulthrop from The Civic Commons, writes about its impact. Sam Bell is an auto mechanic in an inner ring suburb of Cleveland.

Cuts in Ohio's state budget could make Northeast Ohio communities consider combining services

February 03, 2012

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Gov. John Kasich's $112 billion state budget, which cut $455 million in funding for local governments, has caused communities statewide to consider collaborating and sharing services.


Panelist Randy Cole, Kasich's policy adviser and president of the Ohio Controlling Board, said that Tallmadge and Stow, in a 20-year agreement, have a combined regional emergency dispatch which saves both cities a combined $800,000. He pointed out that even though the staff was reduced that it was not due to employees being laid off, but to attrition.

Merger loses status quo

January 20, 2012

Governor John Kasich's encouragement of municipal mergers, buttressed by facilitating procedures and guidelines, is made to order for the small towns of the Chagrin Valley. The trouble is, when real opportunity comes along to reduce the multiplicity of government services and expenditures, most citizens would rather tax and spend than switch. 

The Governor's message is one that defenders of excessive government don't want to hear.