Urban Innovation Exchange

Urban Innovation Exchange

Whether they are young artists renewing homes in BanglaTown, or entrepreneurs building small businesses in Southwest Detroit, residents are helping to forge a new identity for the city. Detroit is becoming a hub for social innovation, and this is the hub for exchanging information, learning about social innovation and sharing ideas about what works and what might be possible.

The Urban Innovation Exchange will report on these transformational, small-scale projects making a difference in their communities and provide forums for innovators and community changers to share with and learn from one another.

How can I get involved?

At the top of this page is a series of conversations about innovative solutions to community problems and community problems in need of innovative solutions. They're just waiting for your voice and ideas. When you're in the conversations, you should rate other people's contributions--that kind of feedback really helps people get a sense of the ideas that have support.

Also, if you look over on the right side of this page, there's some news about innovation we hand picked to inspire and inform you.

Who is behind this?

Issue Media Group is leading the unique partnership of participating media and community organizations, with funding from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Media partners involved who will help customize and publish the information include the Detroit Free Press, Huffington Post, Model D, New Michigan Media, Detroit Lives, Thrive Detroit and I Am Young Detroit.

What's this for?

Well, first of all, you're changing the world, one project at a time, and we want more people to know about it. Then, all of the data and information captured as part of the program will be analyzed by Data Driven Detroit to study characteristics and trends about this small-scale movement.

It's your Civic Commons, so you get to start the conversation you think is important.

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UIX News: Stories about Detroiters changing the world

Leor Barak
January 28, 2013 http://www.uixdetroit.com

Leor Barak By Tunde Wey January 23, 2013 Somewhere in the opening lines of this story is a joke with a not-so-obvious punch line. In downtown Detroit, on an interesting strip of street hedged by impressive old buildings and the long-casting shadows of new gleaming ones, sit a bar, a strip club and a synagogue.

Ann Perrault
January 28, 2013 http://www.uixdetroit.com

Ann Perrault By Tunde Wey January 23, 2013 Success is an idea often confused as an end wholly justified by any means. It is usually purely quantitative, often coldly calculating and uninspiring save for its white-washed results. The story of Avalon Bakery proves that success means doing the right thing, period.

Detroit Parent Network
January 28, 2013 http://www.uixdetroit.com

www.detroitparentnetwork.org The Detroit Parent Network (DPN) is a parent advocacy, training and support organization working to empower Detroit parents and primary caregivers to obtain quality education for their children. Photograph by Doug Coombe.

Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue
January 28, 2013 http://www.uixdetroit.com

www.downtownsynagogue.org The Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue envisions itself as a broadly inclusive institution: one in which anyone may discover Judaism in a safe and welcoming environment. Photograph by Marvin Shaouni Photography.

VIDEO: Rishi Jaitly
January 28, 2013 http://www.uixdetroit.com

Urban Exchange: Trading Ideas with Toronto
January 28, 2013 http://www.uixdetroit.com

If you're a geek about cities, the best kind of email to appear in your inbox is an invitation to visit another one. Even better when it's a place that you love -- and better still when it's an opportunity to share ideas for a better urban future.

We declare it: 2013 in Detroit year of civic engagement
January 28, 2013 http://www.uixdetroit.com

Over the Martin Luther King Day weekend, we proudly celebrated our nation's civic ideals. As an AmeriCorps alum passionate about social justice and community, MLK Day has long felt like the "real" New Year -- a time when, instead of washing away the year past, we took a day to declare our commitments to our community, took civic action and affirmed our common humanity.

Using data to inspire innovation and inclusion
November 14, 2012 http://www.uixdetroit.com

There are certain statistics that are little more than educated guesses - informed, detailed, and highly articulate, but guesses nonetheless. A margin of error could be described as the numeric representation of the quality of a statistician's guess.

VIDEO: Peggy Brennan
November 14, 2012 http://www.uixdetroit.com

VIDEO: Jordi Carbonell
May 01, 2012 http://www.uixdetroit.com

If you've never been to Cafe Con Leche, you're missing something special. Overlooking Clark Park in Southwest Detroit, the neighborhood coffee shop operated by Barcelona-born Jordi Carbonell has become a key intersection for Detroit's multicultural community. Over cappuccino, Carbonell shares his thoughts on the role of small business in bringing together people from all walks of life.

Matthew Naimi
March 23, 2012 http://www.uixdetroit.com

Matthew Naimi By Tunde Wey & Claire Nelson March 21, 2012 Every Saturday, you can find him on Holden Street, rough and bearded, smiling widely, walking briskly, cracking jokes, helping sort and move recyclables. He never dreamed of being a garbage man, but here he is, diverting trash from Detroit's waste stream.

Amy Kaherl
March 23, 2012 http://www.uixdetroit.com

Amy Kaherl By Tunde Wey & Claire Nelson March 13, 2012 On the first Sunday of the month, while many Americans settle in for dinner and TV at home, Amy Kaherl and a team of volunteers turn an empty space in Southwest Detroit into a communal living room.

Yusef Shakur
March 23, 2012 http://www.uixdetroit.com

Yusef Shakur By Tunde Wey & Claire Nelson March 21, 2012 Yusef Bunchy Shakur is well versed in the language and syntax of Detroit. He is an interpreter of the language of the city's majority African-American population. He offers sage advice on how to help a broken community.

Delphia Simmons
March 23, 2012 http://www.uixdetroit.com

Delphia Simmons By Tunde Wey & Claire Nelson March 21, 2012 If you were at your most desperate, down and out with literally nothing to offer but tears, Delphia Simmons' smile is probably what you'd want to see.

Let's Get Innovative: Tactical Urbanism?
March 23, 2012 http://www.uixdetroit.com

Let's Get Innovative: Tactical Urbanism? Claire Nelson | Wednesday, March 21, 2012 Related Images Here in Detroit, we're experts at doing a lot with a little -- and we have a lot of little spaces to fill. How can we be more innovative with placemaking?

VIDEO: Bobby Smith
March 23, 2012 http://www.uixdetroit.com

Bobby Smith at En Garde! Detroit sits down with Philip Lauri and Steven Oliver of DETROIT LIVES! to talk about the merits of social enterprise, and how his youth fencing programs are challenging the way education, particularly physical education, is delivered in schools.