NOACA is the metropolitan planning organization for Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, and Medina Counties. NOACA is responsible for transportation and environmental planning, and works to improve the region in tangible ways through these planning processes. To help meet that goal, NOACA offers the Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative (TLCI) to promote livable communities throughout Greater Cleveland.

Since 2006, TLCI has helped communities obtain federal funding and technical assistance for transportation planning studies that will improve livability. To that end, the goals of TLCI are to:

  • Enhance the economic vibrancy of existing communities within the region
  • Enhance a community’s identity
  • Promote compact, mixed land use development/redevelopment
  • Increase transportation choices through adding or improving pedestrian, transit, or bicycle facilities
  • Reduce air and water pollution through best management practices
  • Encourage fuel and energy conservation
  • Promote healthier communities from an integrated transportation perspective
  • Preserve and enhance farmland, forests, and open space
  • Assist the redevelopment of urban core communities
  • Enhance the historic, archaeological, scenic, and environmental elements of the transportation system
  • Improve the safety, efficiency, and quality of the existing transportation system

To review completed TLCI reports, go here:

For more information about TLCI, contact Ryan Noles at or 216-241-2414 x273.

Current TLCI Grantees

City of Cleveland

Bellaire Puritas

The Lorain Avenue Pedestrian Friendly Plan will propose streetscape improvements that provide better accessibility for bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit riders. The plan will encompass Lorain Avenue east of the West Park RTA Rapid Station to West 130th Street. The focal intersection will be West 140th Street and Lorain Avenue, near John Marshall High School. The plan will connect to the West Park/Lorain Avenue Transportation and Redevelopment Plan, completed in 2010.

The project is co-sponsored by Bellaire Puritas Development Corp. For more information, contact Melissa Miller at or 216-671-2710.


The East 140th Street Infrastructure and Redevelopment Plan is centered on the East 140th Street Corridor in Cleveland's Collinwood neighborhood between St. Clair Avenue and Lake Shore Boulevard. The plan will create a strategic vision for infrastructure enhancements and redevelopment opportunities that promote reinvestment, vitality, and a welcoming environment. This plan will involve traffic studies and right-of-way improvements that will focus on accommodations for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders. The plan will also create a framework for reutilizing vacant and abandoned properties and for economic development.

The plan is co-sponsored by Famicos Foundation. For more information, contact Cheryl Darby at or 216-791-6476.

Detroit Shoreway/Stockyards

The West 65th Corridor Connections Study will focus on improvements to West 65th Street between Denison and Father Frascati Avenues, which will connect the Stockyards and Detroit Shoreway neighborhoods to Edgewater Park and Lake Erie. The study will propose biking and pedestrian facilities to connect residents to destinations and improve the livability of the corridor.

The project is co-sponsored by Detroit Shoreway Community Development Org. and the Stockyard, Clark-Fulton, and Brooklyn Centre Development Office. For more information, contact Sasha Ottoson- Deal at or 216-961-9073.

Detroit Superior Bridge

The Bridge Project will focus on providing a sheltered connection for pedestrians and bicyclists between downtown Cleveland, the Flats, and the city’s west side neighborhoods on the lower level of the Detroit Superior Bridge. The project will also consider the lower level of the bridge as a year round public space and event venue. The project will examine roadway connections and improvements to key intersections, parking requirements, way finding strategies, and development opportunities for the areas around the bridge. Cuyahoga County is co-sponsoring the project.

For more information, visit or contact the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (CUDC) at 216-357-3434.


The Euclid Avenue and East 55th Street Neighborhood Center Plan will focus on creating a neighborhood center and transportation hub around East 55th Street and Euclid Avenue, particularly between Hough and Cedar Avenues from East 40th Street to East 69th Street. Multimodal transportation options will be studied for the purposes of improving pedestrian and bicycle connections through a balanced transportation network. The plan will also develop a strategy for economic development and the redevelopment of vacant and under-utilized properties, especially along the Euclid Avenue.

The plan is co-sponsored by MidTown Cleveland, Inc. For more information, contact Jeff Pesler at or 216-391-5080.

Mt. Pleasant

The East 131st Street Corridor Plan will focus on East 131st Street between the Kinsman and Union Avenue Junction and Marston Avenue, and will promote multimodal transportation and livability. The plan will also identify opportunities for enhancement of the community's identity, will foster land use districts and opportunities for economic redevelopment, and will focus on enhanced environmental stewardship.

Mt. Pleasant Community Zone is co-sponsoring the plan. For more information, contact Debra Lewis- Curlee at or 216-752-3492.

Mt. Pleasant

The Kinsman Avenue Arts, Culture, and Entertainment District Access and Enhancement Plan will propose streetscape improvements, pedestrian and bicycle enhancements, infill development, and way finding to support the Kinsman Avenue Arts, Culture, and Entertainment District (Kinsman Avenue between East 137th and East 142nd Streets) centering on The Point, an emerging community hub at the high-visibility intersection of Kinsman and Union Avenues.

The project is co-sponsored by Mt. Pleasant NOW Development Corp. For more information, contact Leslie Conwell at or 216-751-0023 x228.

University Circle

The Circle-Heights Bicycle Network Study is conceived to address a series of gaps in the bicycle infrastructure in the Greater University Circle and Cleveland Heights communities. The study will explore opportunities to create more efficient bicycle connections in this geography. The final plan will recommend preferred routes, infrastructure upgrades and other facility improvements to serve a wide range of cyclists, based on extensive public involvement and institutional surveying. This TLCI planning effort is being done in collaboration with the cities of Cleveland and Cleveland Heights and the Heights Bicycle Coalition and will be executed alongside the Cleveland Heights Missing Links Transportation Study.

The project is co-sponsored by University Circle, Inc. For more information, contact Chris Bongorno at or 216-791-3900.

Cleveland Heights

The University Circle-Cleveland Heights Missing Links Study will address bike, pedestrian, and transit connections between Cleveland Heights and University Circle to promote better connectivity and use of multimodal transportation. The study will emphasize transit connectivity and service in University Circle and with western Cleveland Heights. Work on this study is being done in collaboration with The Circle Heights Multimodal Network Study. The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) is co-sponsoring this study.

For more information, contact Richard Wong at or 216-291-4868.


The Elyria Thoroughfare Plan Update is the first update of Elyria’s roadway plan since 1972. The plan will focus on improved pedestrian and biking facilities, better access to downtown businesses, more efficiency in traffic flow, and multimodal connectivity citywide.

For more information, contact Kathy McKillips at or 440-326-1444.


The Euclid Avenue Corridor TLCI Plan will develop streetscape improvements for Euclid Avenue in the city of Euclid, between the Wickliffe and Cleveland borders. Recommendations will enhance economic development efforts and increase transit and multimodal accessibility and use. The Cuyahoga County Board of Health is conducting a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) as part of the plan to study the effects of existing conditions and proposed solutions on public health, with an emphasis on vacant properties and food access.

For more information, contact Jim Sonnhalter at or 216-289-8147.

Shaker Heights

The Lee Road Traffic Study and Corridor Plan will examine options for the reconfiguration of the Lee Road corridor, including traffic and pedestrian improvements, streetscape renovations, and the addition of bike lanes. The plan will also analyze land use south of Chagrin Boulevard and propose access management and economic development solutions.

For more information, contact Ann Klavora at or 216-491-1430.

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