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One Community

Access to broadband has become a key priority of the 21st Century. Studies have repeatedly established broadband networks drive economic growth and development, and provide a platform to address social issues such as healthcare and education. Broadband allows regions and communities to compete globally, attracting new firms and investments in jobs with next-generation communications and infrastructure. Jobs, education, entertainment, politics and even health care are moving to online forums, and digital access is greatly impacting and enhancing our careers, education and quality of life.

With this in mind, American communities without broadband will find themselves left out of the digital revolution.

So the question now is, "What's next?" With broadband playing a key role in the strength and wellbeing of our region and its people, how do we as a community leverage this asset for the betterment of Northeast Ohio?

Broadband: Understanding the Fiber of our Region is an exploration of the impact of broadband in education, healthcare, and economic development and the beneficial outcomes communities can realize when there is a priority to invest in digital literacy and broadband inclusion.

This Civic Commons project is a follow on to the Broadband: Understanding the Fiber of our Region speaker series that OneCommunity and the City Club of Cleveland have developed to engage the region in a dialogue about the opportunities that broadband access and adoption allow us to realize.

City Club of Cleveland