FPDC Redesign Steering Committee

Since 1998, the Faculty Professional Development Center has been offering programing to improve faculty lives at Kent State University. This center, formed through a collaborative relationship between the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and the university administration, has not experienced significant changes in budget, structure and/or function over the last fifteen years. In June 2013, Provost Todd Diacon requested that, through the proper shared governance processes, appropriate faculty members and administrators examine the current direction of the center and consider clarifying the mission and focus. The Faculty Professional Development Re-design Steering Committee has been formed to meet this purpose. The committee members were nominated by Dean’s, Chairs and Directors, Faculty Senate, and AAUP. The core working group is considering all elements of the center including name, focus, location, staffing, etc. and will consult/communicate with faculty colleagues throughout the process.

In order to help with this process and allow us to work efficiently, we are utilizing this page as a means to both communicate with each other and the larger university community. Additionally, there will be an advisory group to the steering committee, consisting of other nominated faculty colleagues as well as professional development individuals from outside the university, that will periodically provide feedback and insight as the ideas and suggestions are created.

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