Our Voices - Seeking Input on Division of Academic Affairs Draft Strategic Plan

It is our great pleasure to present for your review our draft of “Our Voices, Our Vision,” the strategic plan of the Division of Academic Affairs at Kent State University. The plan is driven by two bedrocks of meaningful participation: first the opinion and concerns of faculty, students and staff, expressed on our online Civic Commons website and supplemented by a series of face-to-face roundtables; and second on the strategic plans developed in our academic colleges and on our regional campuses over the past three years. These unit plans themselves grew from interactions among their own faculty, staff and students. Given our responsibility center management approach, such local unit interactions form the real backbone for strategic academic decision making and planning at Kent State University. Using the University’s six strategic directions as a framework, “Our Voices, Our Vision” sets the tone and overall direction of our academic program and provides a clear statement of who we are and what we value in the Division of Academic Affairs at Kent State University.

At this stage, we are inviting all members of the University Community to review the first draft of our recommendations and to give us feedback so that we may strengthen our plan.

We appreciated the involvement of everyone who participated in the data collection process, and we now look forward to hearing your feedback on the first draft of the plan itself. If you have any questions, please contact us at swearden@kent.edu or cmcdoug2@kent.edu. You may also respond using the anonymous survey here. We will be receiving feedback through April 10, 2013.