Be Well: RightSize Me

Welcome to the Be Well: Rightsize Me online forum! We hope you enjoyed the broadcast on WVIZ/PBS ideastream, produced by our award-winning health team as part of its year-long, multiple media coverage on the obesity epidemic.

After the broadcast, you might have more questions – about weight gain/loss, about treatments, about how to make yourself and our community healthier. Or, maybe you have firsthand experience in these areas and want to share your thoughts.

That’s what this forum is all about. In the conversations below, you have the opportunity to interact directly with a number of the individuals you saw on the broadcast and share your perspectives with fellow audience members throughout Northeast Ohio.

With approximately one in three adults and one in six children having obesity in America, no one is alone in dealing with this disease. So, jump into any or all of the conversations below and share your questions and thoughts.

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