Repealing BSL (Pitbull Ban) in Parma, OH

Repealing BSL (Pitbull Ban) in Parma, OH

Keith Demerest
on Nov 26, 2012

As of May 22, 2012 Ohio State Law designating Pit Bull dogs as automatically vicious has been repealed. The repeal of the State Law, however, did not end Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) throughout the state. Cities have home-rule and there are many Pit Bull bans still in existence, including in Parma, OH- city ord. 618.09 The science on this matter favors repealing BSL and providing community education, over targeting responsible dog owners. However, Parma's Mayor and most of City Council still favor the Pitbull Ban. I feel like there is more interest in lifting the ban, than city council realizes, and I would like to begin the process of repealing this ordinance. Who is in favor of lifting the pitbull ban? Who is willing to help start a movement to lift the ordinance? What else do you have to say? Does anyone need more information on issue, and what questions do you have?

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Remove Parma, OH Dog Breed Specific Ban

By: jesus laboy on January 5, 2013

My petition is that the City of Parma should modify its current city ordinance to bring it in line with the State of OH's law concerning viscious dog breeds. It is discriminatory to restrict ownership of the type of dog any citizen wishes to add to thier family without a specific reason for the restriction. Breeds capable of more extensive damage and death are permitted on the basis of responsible ownership and no breed (specifically the Pit Bull or other similarly categorized breed) should be an exception.

The city of Parma should modify its city ordinance to remove the pit bull, american staffordshire terrier, and other "similar" breeds as inherently vicious or dangerous. Instead the city ordinance should place stiffer penalties on irresponsible dog owners of any breed based on the failures of specific owners. The results of this petition will be taken to the Parma City council for consideration.


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