Cleveland Police: Next Steps

Cleveland Police: Next Steps

Andrew Samtoy
on Jan 26, 2015

If you've heard about the Cleveland Police recently, it probably has to do with the deaths of Tamir Rice and Tanisha Anderson137 Shots, or the Justice Department findings of a "pattern or practice of the use of excessive force" by officers in the police department.  The Chief of Police has said that he has to get rid of some of the "bad cops" on the force, and the Cleveland City Council put together a listening tour to hear resident concerns.  

At the same time, much of the discussion has been about what has happened, with less of an emphasis on what is to come.  I sat down in December and took a look at the changes other police departments have made after the Justice Department said that they had a pattern or practice of the use of excessive force.  

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We're curious to hear from you.  What changes need to be made in the Cleveland Police Department to make sure it serves the city and its citizens without engaging in a "pattern or practice of the use of excessive force"?  

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