Andrew Bennett

Bennett, Andrew

Andrew serves as President of The Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club, one of the nation's largest and most active independent Young Professional organization. At 25 years old, the Cleveland ConneXion Board elected Andrew Bennett as the first Young Professional representative on the Grea...

Arin Miller-Tait

Miller-Tait, Arin

When I am not teaching, I work to connect teachers and students with local policy makers.

Cynthia Boncella

Boncella, Cynthia

My facebook "tagline" is as follows: "Self-proclaimed geek and civic-engagement enthusiast that enjoys baseball season and good conversation." Pretty fitting summary for my Civic Commons profile, no? I spend my days providing technical and website support for the Cleveland Leadership C...

Linda Alexander

Alexander, Linda

Co-director of CES (Cleveland Educators for Sustainability) Learning Initiatives through collaboration with CWRU's Fowler Center for Sustainable Value, The Cloud Institute, The Society for Organizational Learning and a cross-sector of Cleveland Schools and nonprofits in order to educate...