Brian Frederick

Frederick, Brian

My day job is at the Community Foundation of Lorain County. I have a passion for collaboration and am Involved with the Fund for Our Economic Future and Team Lorain County. My wife and I have lived in Lorain County since 83, our two children and six grandchildren live in NE Ohio and I...

Marc Canter

Canter, Marc

I created company called MacroMind which became Macromedia. I worked on this product - at its inception. My new company - Digital City mechanics is deploying new kinds of on-line marketing in "digital city" projects in the Tampa Bay area, Jamaica and soon - Kansas City.

Steve Gross

Gross, Steve

Retired local entrepeneur

Christopher Celeste

Celeste, Christopher

I'm interested in engaging in the sort of challenging conversations that have the potential to move our region forward. I don't care about political parties, labels or titles — just good ideas and motivated citizens.