Seeds of Literacy

of Literacy, Seeds

Seeds of Literacy is a Cleveland nonprofit that offers completely free GED preparation and basic education to adults. 216.661.7950

Andrew Dime

Dime, Andrew

Dave Lima

Lima, Dave

Social worker, community activist, retired

Patricia Denny

Denny, Patricia

I am passionately concerned about the injustice of inequality and poverty in a society which is the wealthiest in world history. We are all culpable, whether we will admit it or not. This is a moral issue on which I hope to be able to engage in conversations that will lead to action a...

Ashley Weingart

Weingart, Ashley

Director of Communications for The Forest City Weingart Produce Company.

Sadaf Najjar

Najjar, Sadaf

Executive @

Joel Nivens

Nivens, Joel

I’ve done PhD in medical science and have started writing from past few years. Just to provide knowledge and skills regarding health to all.

Nicole Fox

Fox, Nicole

Hey there I am a model currently studying photography for next project! :)

Hardeep Singh

Singh, Hardeep

Web Designer in Delhi