Nathan Bakkum

Bakkum, Nathan

Assistant Professor of Music Associate Chair and Coordinator of Musicology Ph.D. in History and Theory of Music (University of Chicago) M.A. in Ethnomusicology (University of Chicago) M.Mus. in Double Bass (University of Wisconsin-Madison) B.Mus. in Music Education (DePaul Univer...

Ames  Hawkins

Hawkins, Ames

I'm a member of the Department of English faculty, teach first year writing, professional writing, creative nonfiction (CW), and cultural studies courses. I was the inaugural fellow for Critical Encounters back in 2006, the now defunct non-hierarchical, collaborative arts activism colle...

Joan Giroux

Giroux, Joan

I'm an interdisciplinary artist, activist and educator, deeply interested in student centered learning and civic engagement. In my most recent body of work I've been investigating aspects of caregiving in domestic and institutional settings. My intent is to frame reflections on diminis...

herman russell

russell, herman

married to x wife, 5 grandkids, own TRP Media Inc. advertising firm, invented Soap Dish Radio (US patent 2009), author of Little Billy Big kids anti-bully book..first in a series, actor stage and TV commercials, black belt in tae kwon do and goju shorei, danced professionally when was y...

Peter  Cook

Cook, Peter

Peter S. Cook is an internationally reputed Deaf performing artist whose works incorporates American Sign Language, pantomime, storytelling, acting, and movement. Peter has traveled extensively around the country and aboard with Flying Words Project to promote ASL Literature with ...

Stephanie Henderson

Henderson, Stephanie

I am a parent of a sophomore Music Business major at Columbia College Chicago. I am also active in our local community's schools trying to find ways that businesses can partner in the educational process to the good of the community.