Mahalia Jackson Elementary

Mahalia Jackson Elementary

At Mahalia Jackson Elementary or mission is to engage every student in rigorous, well-rounded, instructional activities that promotes critical thinking, complex problem-solving, and effective participation in a holistic STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) program...

Lyn Pusztai

Pusztai, Lyn

I am the Industry Relations and Internship Coordinator for Cinema Art + Science at Columbia College Chicago. I cultivate relationships with Industry Professionals for our students to have meaningful and educational internship experiences while they are still in school.

William Kelvin

Kelvin, William

TA at Kent State

Melissa Mitchell

Mitchell, Melissa

Amplifying the voice and abilities of community schools.

Teddie Hill

Hill, Teddie

Executive Vice President of SGA. Broadcast journalism major and minoring in environmental studies.