Minadeo Joeseph

Joeseph, Minadeo

19 years old from ohio

Hannah Christen

Christen, Hannah

IM Hannah Christen. I go to north high school and I play fastpitch for the school and the city of Willowick

mario jackson

jackson, mario

We are provides the basic accounting consists of recording the prime business transactions of financial gain.

Hector Manuel Ramirez

Manuel Ramirez, Hector

I don’t have a Disability. I have a PurposeAbility! My people are Chiricahua Apaches. Public Policy Analyst focusing on issues affecting people, families and communities impacted by disabilities. @Prop63 @PurposeAbility @WomenShelterLB @NAMIsfv Currently I serve on the Mental...

Miss Vixen

Vixen, Miss

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Jake Slechta

Slechta, Jake

I am job.

Toni Lukic

Lukic, Toni

swag yolo

Kristijan Filipovic

Filipovic, Kristijan

My name is Kristijan Filipovic nick name is Crokico i got lines in my head that represent croatian gang squad. Girls love me. I hate drugs

Chris Kastanis

Kastanis, Chris

i love music

john turkalj

turkalj, john

i like cats