Charles Terry

Terry, Charles

I am a health expert with more than 5 years of experience.

Raye Robertson

Robertson, Raye

Former Adjunct Professor at Wayne State University - taught English and Film Studies for 20+ years. Interests continue to include film, especially in regards to the uncanny way film reflects who we are as a nation. This latter point -- and the disconnect between our national ideals and ...

Katharine Hamerton

Hamerton, Katharine

Associate Professor of History, HHSS Dept.

Joan  McGrath

McGrath, Joan

I've worked at Columbia since 1996, initially in the Provost and EVP's office and for the past 14 years as administrative assistant to the the chair of Cinema Art + Science. I have degrees in English and History from UIC.

Student Athletic Association

Student Athletic Association

The Student Athletic Association at Columbia provides students with opportunities to participate in physical activities, or any number of our club teams: Galahad, Quidditch, Hockey, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Tennis, and Dance Team. We also are working hard to bring a greater sense...

Emory Brown

Brown, Emory

I am a graduate of Columbia College Chicago that very passionate about seeing Columbia students succeed in the world of arts.

barbara robertson

robertson, barbara

I have been teaching at Columbia College since 1986. I have maintained my part-time faculty position so that I can balance my work as a professional Actress with my commitment to teaching. It is often a difficult balance, but always rewarding. I have developed the class "Professional Su...

Gabriel Mendoza

Mendoza, Gabriel

Program Coordinator for Community Schools Initiative