After the Cleveland State of the City, I posted some thoughts about just how immigrant friendly our city is. Today, the Mayor responded.

From: McCall, Valarie
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 5:35 PM
To: McCall, Valarie
Subject: Mayor Jackson's Statement on "Taking Care of Our Own."

Hi Friends,

Mayor Jackson asked that I share the following with each of you and ask that you share it accordingly:

Mayor Jackson’s Statement on “Taking Care of Our Own.”

“When I say that Cleveland needs to “take care of its own,” I am speaking about fostering an atmosphere filled with quality education, sustainable employment and investment opportunities, and a high standard of living. Creating this quality of life infrastructure is the best way to promote our city to everyone, regardless of place of birth. A Cleveland that “takes care of its own” will ultimately attract people from all across the globe because our city offers an unrivaled ability for people to prosper in all that they do, as witnessed by the quality of life and standard of living by the people who are here.

"Since becoming Mayor in 2006, I have made promoting Cleveland and developing an infrastructure for immigration and migration a priority. My efforts have included hosting international delegations, travelling abroad and developing key global relationships all with the goal of making our community more attractive for international investment, visitors and future residents. Cleveland, with its extensive history as a gateway for immigrants, is a welcoming destination for those looking for new opportunities in America and we will become even more attractive as a result of “taking care of our own.” Mayor Frank G. Jackson.


Dr. Valarie J. McCall
Chief of Government Affairs
Office of the Mayor
601 Lakeside Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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