Our good friend Josh Stacher's new book about Egypt and Syria--pre-and post-uprisings--is almost out from Stanford University. It's called Adaptable Autocrats: Regime Power in Egypt and SyriaJosh is one of the co-founders of the New Perspectives project and the Northeast Ohio Consortium for Middle East Studies. His book is pretty academic, but if you're a political science junkie, you'll find it pretty compelling. Wonks and non-wonks, however, will enjoy this interview.

I wanted to call it "Why the Arab Uprisings don't matter as much as you want them to" (which is really a reference to the disabusing I receive in the conversation), but Josh thought it would send the wrong message. He's probably right on that count.

Josh is also an Assistant Professor of political science at Kent State University. He serves on the editorial committee of the Middle East Research and Information Project and is a co-founder of the Northeast Ohio Consortium for Middle East Studies.

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